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If the question how to prepare for your session, making you nervous, increases the level of anxiety and deprives the mental equilibrium, you definitely need to buy a chainsaw. Why? This you learn from our article.

Before you – 7 effective tips on the subject of preparation to session. If you had to become the main character of a horror movie called “Session is coming”, do not choose the victim role. Don’t be afraid of the session, let the session’s afraid of you!

Tip 1. Don’t panic

Honestly, it’s not that terrible session, as it is painted! What frightens you the most? Psychologists say: 1) unknown; 2) the inability to influence the situation.

The unknown is the factor that makes a child afraid of the dark, a first-year student – to tremble before the session. How to cope with this problem? (Not with the darkness, and with the session). Find out more about what awaits you:

To find out what and when to pass (tests, exams) schedule – it will help to distribute the force. Score chart is in the computer and smartphone to was always at hand. For clarity, it can even be printed on a sheet of A3 paper and hang it on the wall.

Find out the conditions of admission to each test. To write the terms directly in the graph, under a particular exam or set-off. Example: offset to the white magic it is necessary to pass for admission essay, to offset the black to work all the missed lectures and seminars exam the course on throwing fireballs to pass the Colloquium exam for the preparation of magic potions – don’t forget the three laboratory, and then the witch will eat with giblets. Approximately

With the help of the upperclassmen and other sources of information ( see 80 tips to first-year students ) to gather information on how the delivery of a test, exam, to make psychological portraits of the teacher.

To learn from the older brothers in mind, as well as the teachers themselves, what sources (lectures, textbooks, articles, monographs) best to use for exam preparation.

To know exactly how to take the “tails” as possible to “fill up” exams and when will the extra session. We hope that this information will not be necessary, but having it reduce feelings of anxiety. After all, if you know how to take the “tails” terrible uncertainty (what will happen if I don’t pass?!!) becomes a contingency plan (not passed? Moving from plan A to plan B).

The second fear factor – the feeling that you are not in control. This factor, incidentally, is the basis of aerophobia. It’s hard to understand how this multi-ton thing kept in the air, he was tormented by the feeling that he is totally dependent on pilots and generally from the air element, and he can not do anything. So one way to treat aerophobia – the detailed explanation of the operation principles of aircraft and principles of aerodynamics. And if a person is to let in the cockpit “to steer” or seat next to the pilot in a small plane or helicopter, it in most cases eliminates the fear of flight, as it feels about the same as near the driver of the car.

Understand what’s going on? You need to gain control over the situation. To understand what and how. It is the lack of control causes fear before the session not only freshmen, but also the mother of Studiosus, which had the negative experience of “Stripping tails.” Therefore, to deal with the confusion before the session after the information-gathering phase, you need to think through their next steps:

What I need to do to prepare for a session?

Where to get need training materials?

How best to prepare for the session, to catch everything, what training methods to use?

Answers should be concrete, constructive!

Tip 2. Shred the elephant, he’s too big

So, in General, with panic cope. There are constructive for problem solving. But how to defeat this mass of notes, textbooks, scientific journals, multi-ton works?! You have collected information on the session, breaking the suspense, but the lump seems unmanageable.

What to do? Pick up the chainsaw!

One of the basic principles of time management reads: to eat an elephant, you have to cook him a pile of steaks.

First, immediately proceed to the eating of the colossus is so scary that I want to postpone that lesson for later. The task seems unrealistic (you lopnesh, child).

Second, taking something from the trunk, then left foot, then right, then from the area in the tail area, you lose the logic. Eat steaks one after the other, i.e. divide the work into specific tasks and subtasks.

Third, the “kwasnica” and negrita elephant from different sides, even if you tightly stuffed belly will see almost no reduced size. The division of the carcass into steaks allows us to estimate the amount of work done.

In General, make as concrete as possible, divided into tasks and subtasks, plan the preparation and delivery of the session. And Bon appetite!

Tip 3. Priorities, delegate tasks

Now imagine yourself the President. Well, or at least a Director of a large company. If time is running out, a mountain of steak still untouched, and teachers have already hinted at a free life outside the University walls – imagine a crisis Manager.

Selectthe optimal strategy of preparation for each of the exams and tests.

Identify the priorities (the most difficult items for you and topics; tests and examinations of the most rigorous teachers; the most urgent and important reports, essays). Guide ranking the tasks in order of importance. It makes no sense to devote the lion’s share of the credit of the teacher who put the painting in the record book, not listening to the answers, to the detriment of preparing for a difficult exam.

Build up a supply. Find out who can take notes, is it possible to download the desired books online what it will cost to ordering a test or cheat sheets studentsov (if needed).

Delegate some tasks to those who can help you. For example, studentium. They are happy to help you gnaw is not something that an elephant and a Brontosaurus

Tell talks, network. Get in contact with teachers. A significant part of the problems with nedopushchenie can be solved through negotiations.

Start reporting. Not only plan your preparation for session, but celebrate milestones the way.

By the way, these skills will come in handy in my professional life!

However, many students preparing for the session, like another role – the role of the commander. It is a question of taste and temperament. Consider tests and exams as the battles and military campaigns, develop a personal strategy and tactics of the victorious war. Decide where to throw the main force where to plan to break the blockade and where to utilize the resources of the allies. Studenter lend-lease stew not expelled, but provide cheat sheets, reports, monitoring, laboratory and abstracts.